Taxonomy Building In Process

During the 2001 recession,  I decided to teach again.   After 15 years as a taxonomist and business systems analyst,  I returned to an earlier career.  I love teaching and learning about social studies  and public policy.   But my skills as a taxonomist infused my teaching.   I became a fan of Bloom’s taxonomy.   Listing facts is  step 1 on Bloom’s taxonomy, sorting is step 2, Categorizing is step 4, Analysis is step 5, Empathy is step 6 and Synthesis is step 7.    And you have to move through each step to move on to the next.      I developed a treasure chest of graphic organizers  tools that I used with my students.  But I also discovered that I was a taxonomist/ontologist , and when I was given a chance to return to taxonomy work for online systems and to learn semantic web and autoclassification, I jumped at the chance.   This blog is to provide information about the work of building a taxonomies in this brave new world of social networks, XFN, RDF, subject, object, predicate.